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Hand Made Knits

Handknit Handmade headband Made in the USA mittens pom-pom hat

If you are looking for beautifully made handmade cold weather accessories, check out The Mad Rabbit Shoppe.
Erin Fink is "a one woman knitting machine." And we are so excited to have found her.
All of Erin's knits are made by hand in Saint Paul, Minnesota
Here at Puck & Abby we searched for knits that had that old fashion quality with a current look. 
One of our favorites is the SIBERIAN-a chunky cable knit pom-pom hat. It is made with a soft blend of wool and acrylic yarn. The quality is outstanding. This pom-pom hat is stylish and warm. 
Not only does Erin handknit each piece, she designs each piece as well. 
We put together a collection of Erin's that consists of pom-pom hats, mittens and headbands. 
These are must have pieces for any cold weather climate.
Thank you Erin for giving us the opportunity to share your beautiful handmade knit accessories 

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